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How to take part in the Alberton Online Community

How to take part in the Alberton Online Community

Firstly, you need to register. It’s a quick registration process – we don’t ask for your mother’s name and everything that you might find in the kitchen sink!  
Once you’ve registered and have activated your registration, you automatically qualify to do the following:

1. List your business and / or the services you provide.  You do this under the “Service Finder” tab.  Select Add Entry and follow on from there.

2. Write articles for the site. (Under the user menu, which is only visible when you sign in, on the left of the page, is your link to add an article).

3. Add comments / suggestions to articles submitted by others as well as rate the article

4. Post in the community forum.

5. Rate and write reviews of listed services you have used.

More about submitting articles

In order for an article to qualify for publication, it must be relevant to the community. Articles may NOT be centred around a specific product, or service, however, you may include a link to your website, or to your particular listing on the Alberton Online site. You can also include the name of your company at the end of the article.

Articles must be more than 350 words and less than 600 words.

You may not submit articles which have a copyright belonging to any other institution or person.

Your article will be reviewed by Alberton Online before being displayed. It is not guaranteed that your article will appear on the website. We will endeavour to  provide feedback as to the reasons why we’ve declined to publish the article, however, we are not obliged to do so.  

Examples of the types of articles we’re looking for:

  • Business or Marketing tips 
  • Working at home (including funny stories, tips, advice etc)
  • Becoming an effective entrepreneur
  • Anything related to living and / or working in Alberton (personal experiences, funny stories, advice, schooling, entertainment, services, etc).

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