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Date : February 26, 2019
Location : 43 Buffelspoort strBrackendownsAlberton1452


Tai Chi is an ancient Martial art going back hundreds of years. We teach Tai Chi today as a healing art and as a stress reliever. The children are taught Tai Chi as a Martial Art. We also teach the disable on a one and one basis including the blind. Tai chi creates new pathways to the brain which has benefits for all, young and old, able and disable. Tai chi reduces stress breaking down the lactic acid in the body.Tai chi improve longevity, lowers blood pressure and helps balance and regulate ones body. It improves your concentration, patience, co ordination and balance. It strengthens the muscles and tendons and is a low impact form of exercise. Tai chi helps prevent certain diseases and sickness with continues practice. It can be enjoyed by the whole family.

We offer two free lessons before one wants to join. Come enjoy the the magic of relaxation.

Certified by: International Tai Chi Federation(Taiwan)

Member: S.A.Taiji Authority


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