About Alberton

Did you know that the first doctor in Alberton was a female?

 About Alberton

Alberton arose as a result of the partial sale of the farm, Elandsfontein, which was owned by Johannes Petrus Meyer during the latter part of the 19th century.

Alberton, as a township, was established in 1904, and named by the chairman of the syndicate which purchased the farm, General Hendrik Alberts. The Meyer family had originated from Prins Albert in the Cape, and so the name of Alberton was born.

It is recorded that by 1905 at least five families had settled in Alberton.

Also, Alberton’s very first doctor was a woman, Dr Hope Trant.  After leaving Alberton, Dr Trant became accomplished and distinguised in the field of tropical medicine and other prevalent disease with the East African Medical Survey.  She was always vocal and at loggerheads with superiors over fundamental objectives, methods of survery and also protested the methods that local communities were coerced into becoming research "guinea pigs" by colonial authorities.   In 1956 she was conferred with the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by the Queen of England.

The period 1924 to 1926 saw many firsts for Alberton, including, street lighting, tarred roads and the first official post office.

In 1939 Alberton officially became a municipality, with the first factory being established as late as 1948 by Carl Fuchs of CJ Fuchs (Pty) Ltd. The Fuchsware range of electrical appliances became a household brand, well known by South Africans.  

Today, Alrode, (the industrial area of Alberton) is a buzz with factories, production and businesses, and the number of households in Alberton is ever expanding. Currently the population is estimated at approximately 200 000, with around 60 000 households.

Although Alberton is predominantly a residential area within the greater Ekhurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, many residential properties have been rezoned for business purposes. Take a drive through New Redruth, and Hennie Alberts Street in Brackenhurst and you will notice the increase in sign boards.

Alberton’s close proximity to Johannesburg’s CBD and being easily accessible by road has made it an attractive area in which to reside and to conduct business.

 Carl and Emily Fuchs

As Carl and Emily Fuchs did not have any children they decided to set up a private trust to support development in South Africa.

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