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Focussed Action - Making Time

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Working from Home - Self Employment Step by Step

In the previous article I mentioned that action was a vital part of commitment. Action in itself generates some excitement within you. As Nike says “Just Do It”. Action without some kind of focus in the long-term might feel good, but if you don’t focus your activities to some degree, you might find that after a period of time, you haven’t made optimal progress.

Remember that optimal progress is different for everybody, and this is where you have to be honest with yourself, and also be realistic about your particular circumstances.

If you’re working a full time job, and have young children, you’re likely to have a lot less time at your disposal than if you stay at home and have older children. However, often, if you’re a stay at home mom with teenage children, it’s quite likely that you have less financial resources. Someone might have little financial resources and little time – they’re definitely not mutually exclusive. These are generalisations of course, but it illustrates that each person has differing challenges to overcome.

In order for your action to be focussed, you need to take those challenges into account, and find ways to work through those challenges.

Apart from your own inner fear, the challenges faced by most people are time and money. Time and money are also a very convenient excuse that your fear of failure uses, but very often, these are REAL problems. As real as these problems might be, remember that it is just a problem – it’s not an impenetrable steel wall.

There are workable solutions to “time and money” – and so, in conjunction with facing your fear of failure, and researching options available, you need to actively find ways to work with these constraints.

Theophrastus, a Greek botanist, born in 371 BC said, “Time is the most valuable thing one can spend.” Even back then, in a life not as fast paced as ours is today, time was seen as a valuable resource.  What this means in essence, is that if you make time, you’re creating a valuable resource – a valuable resource which can ultimately be traded for money. So before we go about discussing the money aspect of the “time and money” problem, we need to focus on MAKING TIME.

Making time usually requires some ingenuity and creativity, and the great thing about this exercise is that, as you’re starting this journey of self employment, you’ll be starting to flex your ingenuity and creativity muscles, which go along way to creating a fulfilled you!

Our next article will provide useful hints and tips for making time so that you can go about turning your dream into a day to day reality. 

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