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Action - the after effects of commitment

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Working from Home - Self Employment Step by Step

Commitment is firstly psychological, i.e. something you decide to do ‘no matter what’, but it also means that you have to start taking action. You can’t state that you are committed and then sit back and do absolutely nothing!  

The exciting aspect of making a commitment is that, once you have committed to self employment on a psychological level, you start to take notice of things that you might have been closed off to. It’s almost as if the universe starts to conspire with you.  (Perhaps it does!)

You’ll notice that people are a wonderful resource of information, guidance and motivation. Billboards, signs, and books on certain topics will suddenly be more noticeable – almost as though these were placed there just at the right time, and just for you! (Perhaps they were!)

It’s not really important how and why this all starts to happen, what is more important is that it does, and that you start acting on what you notice.  Start doing something – it doesn’t matter how small that action is, as long as you do something.

For example, If you know you need some additional skills in order to achieve self employment, and you start seeing books about that particular skill, or you see a course offered, then buy the book, or get it from the library – make the call to the course provider to find out more about the program.  Just do something!

If the course is too expensive for example, immediately stop any negative talk about why it’s not possible to do anything now, and why you have to wait to take action. There will always be an action step you can take at any given time which will bring you that much closer to your goal.

Also, depending on your current situation you might be able to take action in more than one way.  We’re all at different stages in our lives and have different circumstances to deal with, so we have to vary our pace at different times. Pace isn’t really important, moving forward in terms of taking action is. Remember the good old story of the tortoise and hare – slow, but  deliberate action is sure to bring you to your destination sooner.

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