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Getting over yourself!

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Working from Home - Self Employment Step by Step

Achieving a life-long dream of self employment is not unlike eating an elephant - you do it little by little. As mentioned in the first article, the very first step is to have some degree of self awareness about what your passions are, and what you enjoy doing.

Many of you already know this about yourself without any question, but just as many of you will be uncertain or clueless as to how to go about finding out what you’d really like to do with your life, and what it is that will energise you enough to overcome one of the other stumbling blocks of self employment – fear of failure.

Fear of failure is one of the main reasons why most people dare to dream, but don’t dare to turn that dream into a reality. A dream is comfortable – it doesn’t have any limits, and you get to be and do whatever you would like, without having to face, or even acknowledge that fear of failure.

Part of self awareness is being brutally honest with yourself – getting real with your motivations, and not finding excuses to either hide the fear, or to not even acknowledge that the fear exists.

Always be aware that this fear of failure is looming unconsciously, swaying your emotional response to certain things which you would normally love to do. It is controlling the decisions you make, which ultimately means that it is controlling your life, and at times even controlling your ability to dream.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of books, which discuss overcoming fear in more detail, but in my experience, very seldom does one actually overcome fear.  Rather, we have to learn to continue forward despite the fear. If everyone waited until their fear of failure was eliminated before they embarked on any venture, there would be very few successful people out there.

So, my advice is stop trying to overcome the fear, I don’t believe it’s feasible to spend that much effort trying to get rid of something that is part of human nature at its very core. Rather, USE the fear in a way that will be of benefit to you in the longer term.

Yes, fear of failure is not all bad – use that fear of failure to set short term goals. Fear growing old and being filled with regret at not acting upon your dream. Fear long term failure, and the short term failures that we all encounter, can be appreciated as just one of many steps to achieving your dream.

Give some thought as to how fear of failure is hindering you achieve your dreams – remember it takes brutal honesty!

And of course, give some thought as to how fear of failure has benefitted you, and how you can use this to achieve your dream.

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